2014 MAME machines

It's been four years since I sold the last of my coin-op video game collection, including the first MAME machines I put together. In that time I took a well needed break from everything coin-op but slowly and surely I started to miss the nostalgia that classic video games brought me, and started to think about building new MAME machines.

I ordered the arcade cabinets in May of 2013 from Mike's Arcade and by November started to assemble them. It wasn't easy and nothing worth doing is easy. I got them the way I wanted by February of this year.

Like the first time, I built two machines, one is dedicated to vertical games and the other dedicated to horizontal games. I don't like control panels that are stuffed with different controls to play every game under the sun, so I decided on joysticks and buttons only.

This time around I was able to achieve my ideal level of emulation thanks to fine tuning the mame.ini settings and using LCD monitors instead of CRTs. I realize LCDs didn't exist thirty years ago but I love the pixel perfection I get with them.

The full specs for each machine:

  • Mike's Arcade custom fabricated mini Midway cabinet
  • Ultimarc Mag-stik Plus 4-8 way switchable joystick
  • Happs Control push buttons
  • Ultimarc I-PAC2 keyboard encoder
  • Dell P1914S 19" LCD monitor (5:4 aspect ratio)
  • Pioneer TS-A1072R 4" 3-Way 150 watt round speakers (x2)
  • Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a subwoofer satellite system
  • Intel Celeron G1610 2.6GHz LGA 1155 CPU
  • ASUS P8Z77-M motherboard
  • Ultimarc ArcadeVGA 3000 video card
  • Samsung 840 Pro SS 128GB hard drive
  • Crucial Tech. 4GB DDR3 RAM memory
  • Adesso AKB-110B EasyTouch mini USB keyboard
  • Bits Limited SCG3 smart power strip
  • Antec VP-450 450 watt power supply
  • Rosewill FBM-01 microATX mini tower case
  • Windows 7 32bit OS
  • Mame v.120 and MameWah v.162
  • Game On Graphix Mame artwork

Mounts for the computer case
Computer case and sub woofer Front access door Full view of the interior Close up of speakers, monitor and monitor bezel Close up of speakers The vertical model The horizontal model Keyboard drawer closed Keyboard drawer open MameWah interface MameWah interface Donkey Kong screen shot Rygar screen shot Mame machines in ambience
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